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Transportation is available for your children for an additonal fee. Arrangements must be made through management. During delivery of children, if you are not at home, your child will return to the Center to be picked up before closing.

Additional fees will incur if you fail to meet the transportation requirements two (2) consecutive days.

Furthermore, the service will be suspended until better arrangements have been made for accomondations.

The center utilize seat belts and car seats in each vehicle to ensure the safe transport of your child or children.

We ask that you explain the importance of properly wearing a seat belt or being seated in a car seat to your child or children.

All children are required to be delivered home no later than 5:00 pm EST; whereas, the Driver will blow the horn to notify you of their presence. The Driver has a (3) three minute window to wait for your response.

Please remember that we are generally on time while operating a precise schedule; every minute counts.

All transportation fees are due the (1st) first day of service of each month.


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